Behind the Brand: KiteNest

Behind the Brand: KiteNest

We LOVE supporting small businesses and we think KiteNest is awesome, pushing the industry with their totally plastic free range. Thanks to Emma for answering our questions to help us all get insight into this little powerhouse of a brand!

KiteNest was created because….
We set out to make a difference with a range of products that are naturally virtuous, affordable and designed to perform. We want people to feel great about themselves. We know that life is stressful, demanding and full of highs and lows. Our lives are busier than ever. We like making products that give your skin a deep cleanse, strengthen and revive your hair, soothe a busy mind. We know that when we look after ourselves properly, we feel good about ourselves.

We also want consumers to know they aren’t harming the planet. We don’t agree with leaving a consumer with the burden of plastic, or use of chemicals harsh down the plug hole. You can feel reassured that we’ve done everything we can to help protect the planet, providing our customers with inspiring sustainable solutions - from zero-waste packaging to wildflower seed cards.

mineral sunscreen baby

We are on a mission to…..
Use our platforms to encourage a more conscious but simpler way of life. To get fulfilment from the smallest things in life.

We talk about issues that matter to us: mental health, homelessness, self-care and environmental threats like plastic pollution and the use of palm oil. We don’t believe in hard selling.

We also want to prove that living without plastic and artificial products is not only achievable but enjoyable. You’ll feel the effects of 100% natural straight away and will never want to look back.

Our core values are….

We put our ethos and ethics before everything we do, but that doesn't mean that your finished product will be any less amazing. We're confident you’ll feel amazing.

We are:
100% Natural
All of our products are 100% natural, cruelty- free and don't include any harmful ingredients like SLS or parabens.

Fully Sustainable
Our products are made from natural ingredients using renewable energy. We don't use unsustainable ingredients that negatively impact the delicate ecosystems of our planet, regardless of whether they are natural.

Never Tested on Animals
We believe that testing products on animals is not only wrong but also unnecessary. That doesn't mean that you can't be confident in the quality of the products we create. All of our products are fully certified and comply with all cosmetic safety regulations.

Upto 12 million tonnes of plastic gets into the ocean every year - that's just one of a number of horrifying statistics unleashing untold harm and disaster on the planet. That's why we chose to put going plastic-free ahead of profit.

Our three favourite products right now are…

Our Organic Dry Shampoo is perfect for all types of mummies. It’s the greasy hair saviour, the waterless warrior, the transformer. It will effortlessly revive limp and dull hair, giving you back volume, control and shine. All without using a single drop of water and in under 60 seconds.

Our lightly whipped Lavender Body Butter is packed with natural oils to nourish and enrich your skin. Not only does the scent sooth you, but it gives you a noticeably softer feel. With constant cleaning and handwashing, this is a lifesaver for restoring health back to hands and giving relief from dry, irritated skin. It’s 100% natural and kind to little bums and tums too!

Our Minty Lip balms are great for this time of year. A completely natural lip balm that sinks into lips like a dream, keeping them smooth and refreshed for the day. They lock in moisture and provide the best refreshing pick-me-up after exercise or a day out with the little one.