Behind the Brands - From Adversity comes Greatness - BAO Skincare

Beth has struggled with Crohns but has made it her inspiration rather than her enemy. Although her products were designed to support her own skin challenges, they are designed be good for everyone, and her passion is pushing her to make skin even happier, seek accreditation from organisations such as COSMOS and The Vegan Society. This is Beth's story...

"My whole life I've always lived a bit like a hippie, making body scrubs from sugar and hair masks from avocado and eggs, but whilst this was fun I have also always struggled with stomach issues and having pain after eating and drinking. I never knew what the cause was? It was after moving to Australia where I lived for 4 amazing years in my early 20’s, I studied a diploma natural beauty therapy and nutrition.

Australia exposed me to the wonderful world of holistic living. I lived 2 minutes from the most stunning beaches, I surfed every day, I started practicing yoga, reading tonnes of nutrition books and began to understand more about what I was putting in my mouth and on my skin.

After returning home to Dorset in 2009, I got extremely poorly and was rushed into hospital - it was then I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. I was put on lots of high strength steroids along with other drugs and managed to get into remission, strangely feeling the best I ever had! I believe in life there are no mistakes and no accidents, I believe your true soul path is put right in front of you each day and if you don’t start to see it life gets tough. 

I learnt that what is healthy for one is not always for another. If I hadn’t struggled with stomach problems and learnt that in stressful situations I got worse I would never have looked into becoming a holistic beauty therapist.

I've been a holistic beauty therapist now for over 10 years and have definitely found my calling, I absolutely love it! I feel so blessed that I love my “job”, I love waking up each day to “work”. I worked in spas and salons for the first few years and since 2010 have been working for myself full time offering facials and waxing. 

Over the years I have been in and out of hospital many times, but in 2012 my skin started to become sensitive from all of the drugs I was on. In Australia it was so easy to find natural, organic and affordable skincare products not packed with chemicals, but in England at this time- it was hard. So I went up to London and completed courses in making natural skincare. It was here my passion began to grow for natural organic skincare! I made creams, balms and face scrubs to use in my facial treatments and my customers bought my products and loved them. 

So after over a year of planning, at the end of 2017 I launched BAO SKINCARE and it is taking me on the most wonderful journey. I called it BAO ( BAY_O) because it represents me, Beth’s Aromatherapy Organic.

I have always believed my purpose in life is to help people help themselves to feel better, I love to make people happy through the treatments and skincare products I offer. I also love to help educate and advise my customers on skincare products and ingredients too, and I think this is a big bonus with BAO compared to some other organic skincare brands. As the founder, I am always available to answer any questions or give advice where I can. It makes my heart melt when each day my customers message me with stories of happiness that they are seeing massive improvements in their skin.

My goal with BAO is to make skin happy, I have a beautiful collection of face and body products to share with the world, and each year I wish to create and launch more. The whole BAO collection is 100% natural, 100% vegan, 100% cruelty free and now 95% organic! In the next few weeks I will be able to announce that BAO has the COSMOS Soil Association logo along with the Vegan Society trademark tick. Even though skincare brands don’t have to get these, I feel that it allows my customers to trust my products more, that they are organic and natural and don’t just contain a very small percentage of organic ingredients. I have always believed that pure botanical plant oils, flower oils and nut butters create soft, hydrated glowing skin. Team this with a good diet, exercise and plenty of fresh air your skin will be super happy!

I'm not going to lie working for yourself when you have an autoimmune disease can be tricky but I think it all depends on your mindset and how positive you are as a person. I have always been a super positive person and got on with life, enjoyed life and I take each day as it comes. I’m not embarrassed to say I'm too tired to do something or I'm not well enough to go out. I think what gets me through each day is living a healthy life of getting enough fresh air moving my body everyday, eating the right foods for me. (I would love to be a vegan and be someone that eats loads and loads of vegetables but unfortunately with Crohn's disease that would put me back in hospital). However I still manage to be super healthy and eat what is best for my body, and I know everybody hears it all the time but I really really do swear by drinking 2L of water every day. This makes such a difference to your insides, your skin, your mind and everything else - water is life!

I do hope you are all love using my BAO products and that you get a little happiness each day in doing so.

Love always,

Beth x"

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