Behind the Brands - Inspiration on the school run - Meadow Skincare

Wendy and Kelly met on the school run and bonded over their professions in therapy and love of natural products. After collaborating to create their first balm, they decided to take the plunge and create a line of waterless multi-tasking products using high quality botanicals, and Meadow Skincare was born. At ecocobox, we were taken aback by their passion for delivering handcrafted, effective products with ethics and finnesse. Here's their story as told by Kelly...

"We met at the school gates several years ago and became fast friends.  With professional backgrounds in therapy, (my psychotherapy practice and Wendy’s massage therapy studio), we both understood the importance of taking care of yourself.  We shared the same desire for clean living and trying to be more sustainable.

I have always been fascinated by skincare products and I’ve spent a small fortune over the years on trying most brands on the market!  Having never really found anything that agreed with my skin, I trained in skincare formulation and began creating my own products. Wendy asked me to make a balm for her pregnancy clients, who wanted chemical-free, natural products to apply to their skin.  This was basically the start of Meadow Skincare! What is now our Hydration Boost Moisturising Balm started out as a balm for baby bumps and it continues to be a popular multi-tasking product!

Inspired by the effectiveness of our first product, we went on to formulate a fuss-free capsule collection of multi-tasking products that target modern day worries including pollution, pigmentation, sun damage, toxins, ageing and dehydration. 

We pride ourselves on handcrafted, vegan, waterless, sustainable skincare that we blend into micro-batches, ensuring our customers receive their skincare within 7 days of blending for maximum potency and freshness. 

One quality that sets our products apart from so many others is their waterless formulation. Did you know that many skincare products on the market contain up to 70% water? But our concentrated formulas are stuffed full to the brim with 100% natural goodness, and no water means no need for synthetic preservatives or emulsifiers, reducing the risk of irritation and allergic reactions. 

Quality is so important to us, and we insist on using only the finest, raw, premium grade plant oils, fruit butters and fresh clays and always organic where possible. Each ingredient has been especially chosen to give the very best results as part of a regular skincare ritual, and we never use harsh chemicals, alcohols, mineral oils, fillers or preservatives. 

Environmental responsibility and sustainability are at the heart of our business, and we like to keep our carbon footprint small so we use local suppliers where possible; for example, the maillette lavender comes from a farm less than two miles from us. We don't use any unnecessary outer packaging or boxes and the minimal packaging we do use is 100% recyclable. We love our luxurious glass jars, and have even set up a program with Recycled UK Ltd so that customers can return their lids to us in a pre-paid envelope for recycling. 

We love to bookend our busy days with our simple, but effective capsule collection for clean, calm and glowing skin and hope you enjoy using the products as much as we do. x

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