How to Get Started with Cloth Nappies

Petra from A Mum Reviews is a huge fan and advocate of cloth nappies. Disposables are a big source of guilt for a lot of us mums wanting to lead a greener lifestyle, so I asked Petra if she might give us some pointers to get started. Give her a follow on instagram for more hints and tips (@amumreviews) but in the meantime, here you go...

"Making the decision to switch to cloth nappies can seem a bit intimidating and overwhelming as there’s so much choice out there! There are plenty of lists online of stuff you might need, and these usually have a hefty price tag too if you buy it all in one go. 

In reality, all you need to get started with cloth nappies is just that – a cloth nappy! You don’t need a full stash of 20-25 or more nappies when you’re just starting out. In fact, it would be silly to buy so many without knowing what you like and what works for your child. 

I started with just two cloth nappies from TotsBots as I got a feel for using cloth and researched the subject, then I gradually added more nappies to build a stash that works for us. I recommend buying one or a few nappies to get you started or you can use a cloth nappy library if you have a local one. These let you rent a selection of nappies to try to let you find what works for you.

Some shops and cloth nappy manufacturers also make trial packs with different types of nappies that let you do this too which is a great way to get started and try different brands and types for an affordable price. 

I personally like having a stash with different types of nappies that we like. Some are great for night-time wear, others dry really quickly (perfect in winter!), some are easier when we’re out and about, etc.

If you’re curious about using cloth nappies, just give it a go! You’ve got nothing to lose! You don’t have to use cloth nappies full time either – it’s not all or nothing. Every time you use a cloth nappy instead of a disposable one, you’re keeping one nappy out of landfill and every little helps. 

Don’t be scared to try different brands and swap brands if some nappies don’t work for you – there’s a huge pre-loved market for cloth nappies (check out Facebook for selling groups) so if something is not right for your baby, you can sell those nappies on and get most of your money back and try a different brand or type next. Babies and toddlers come in different shapes and sizes and some nappies are simply better than others for different shapes. 

Once you get started, the other two things that I find essential are wet bags to store dirty nappies in until wash day and liners to keep your baby’s bottom nice and dry, to keep the nappies looking nice for longer and to help with the poo disposal! I use fleece liners from Little Lamb and disposable liners from Bambino Mio (for toddlers) and this combination works brilliantly for us. 

That’s it really – that’s how easily you can get started! The first step is to simply take the plunge and buy or borrow a cloth nappy! There’s no wrong time to start either – you can start using cloth at any time of your child’s nappy wearing part of life.

Good Luck!


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