Making the most of your ecocobox finds

If you're one of our subscribers, you love to try new things, and getting stuck in to your latest discoveries is probably one of the highlights of your month! It is so exciting to find new brands that you might not have come across before (or justified buying at full price!) but it is still a bit disappointing when something doesn't quite work for, and with discovery subscriptions this is sometimes a reality. Maybe you have an 'old faithful' product that you just don't want to swap out, or you give something a go and it's just not right for you? Well don't worry, we have some ideas to make you feel good about those situations...

Get creative

Just because it says one thing on the jar doesn't mean that it's all its good for. So if you try a face cream and it doesn't agree with you, maybe it works as a hand cream, or a body cream? A cleansing balm isn't quite right? Use it on your rough patches. A Shampoo bar not hitting the mark? Maybe that's a soap in your house! Face wash not for you? Use it as a shower gel. Don't be defined by a description, get creative! 

The joy of gifting

If something isn't for you; maybe you have a trusted brand already or there is an ingredient you know you're sensitive to, then gifting can be a great option. Our full size items make brilliant treats for a fellow mum in need of a little pick me up. Make it a random act of kindness to really make someone's day!

Alternatively, why not hold it until you have a birthday to buy for, and wrap it up as a thoughtful treat. You're sure to make someone's day, and save some of that maternity pay too, it's a win win all round!

Get wheeler dealing!

Get yourself online because there are lots of people swapping and selling items they've received in their subscription box that don't work for them for one reason or another. There are Facebook groups dedicated to this, seriously, this is a thing. We hate waste, so we'd much prefer you get something you really want, so get involved!

We really hope that you love the majority of things you receive, and to help us hit the mark, we'd love you to leave feedback on our website in the form of product reviews. This will help us know which products and brands are right for you, so we can get you more of what you love!