The Eco in ecocobox

If you're looking to make healthier, more sustainable buying decisions for yourself and your family going forward, then ecocobox is perfect for you. We are making it our mission to shower mums with gifts, but with the added bonus of helping mums discover products and brands that are non-toxic, ethical and sustainable.

Here are some ways we are putting the Eco into ecocobox.

Full size products

We deal predominantly in full sized products for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it gives you a real opportunity to try it out, as samples don't tend to give your skin time to adjust for you to see if it's right for you. Secondly, if you do get something you don't want (maybe you have a 'go to' product already) then you can happily gift the full sized item. And perhaps most importantly, full sized products have a much lower packaging to product ratio - lets face it samples are pretty much all packaging, and that's not so eco! 

Product selection

With other boxes, you might get 3 or 4 mascaras over the course of the year... who needs that?! We spend a lot of time on product selection to make sure you're getting a broad mix, and aren't ending up with multiples of the same product type clogging up your cupboards. We also choose products we think you will be able to use in your daily life to minimise waste.

Our brands

We work with brands who can offer us ethical, sustainable and non-toxic products in eco packaging. Ok, we're not plastic free, but we try to keep it to a minimum. We are even working with brands to change their ways - for example, Butterwhips have now transitioned their range from plastic to tins as a result of working with us!

Shop local

We work with predominantly UK brands to minimise carbon footprint, and only ship ecocobox to the UK to keep mileage lower. Plus, we have created an ecocobox shop so you can get all the things you discover in one place, rather than having to make multiple orders on multiple sites; keeping it simple for you and minimising courier trips and packaging. When you buy things from our shop, you can select to have them delivered for free in your next subscription box, saving carbon and postage costs! 

Our box and packaging

We chose a particular type of box which is unbleached in its core, but with bleached outer, which means it is lower impact and allows us to use less ink. Clever huh? And it is made from recycled paper too. Our pretty box is our mailer, so unlike some other companies who wrap their display box in cardboard before shipping (what a waste!) we keep our packaging to the bare minimum, whilst still making it super cute! 

We need great packaging because we ship a lot of glass, so inside the box, you might see wood wool, shredded (recycled) paper or plant starch pellets to keep your products safe in transit. And all our starch pellets are salvaged from other deliveries we have received!

Our boxes often contain an eco lifestyle item.

This could be for you or your child, and might be something like a bamboo toothbrush, steel straw, bamboo plasters or shopping bag, but it will be something you can use in your daily life to help you transition to a more sustainable lifestyle.

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