The Perfect Push Present

There’s no denying that bringing a baby into the world is a big deal, and lots of dads want to thank their partner for the months of discomfort and sacrifice that gave them their bundle of joy. But what to buy that new mum?

If you search for “push gift”, “new mum present” and the like you’ll get lots of inspiration, but a lot of them are, well… a bit naff. Look, this is all down to personal taste and everyone is different! But my husband ended up not getting me anything because he felt like ‘it’d be getting something for the sake of it, not because it was really something you wanted or needed’. The old romantic!

But I could see where he was coming from. If ecocobox had existed at the time he said, he’d have got me that, and I can tell you that if he had, he’d have scored big time. Give me gifts every couple of months for a year... erm yes please!

First, on a practical level, as it’s tailored to her motherhood stage, she will receive gorgeous natural products that she can actually use to help her feel her best self. Secondly, if she’s into ethical brands and moving away from chemicals, then this is going to save her loads of time researching.

But the best thing about an ecocobox gift subscription is that the gifts keep coming. You’re literally showering her with gifts! Each box will bring a surprise, as she gets to explore new things for her and baby, and will encourage her to look after herself at a time when she is probably putting herself way down the list. You’re telling her she matters, and that you want to look after her, and that’s just a gorgeous sentiment!  

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