About Us

Hi, I’m Emma, the founder of ecocobox. I am a mum to two gorgeous boys, and live in Sussex by the sea. In 2018 I set up ecocobox, and I keep getting asked why, so I thought I’d tell you!

The short version is that I recognised that becoming a mum changes you - body, mind, life - and it puts you into a new phase which is completely different to anything you have experienced before. I wanted to create something that was

  • Genuinely helping mums
  • Creating joy
  • Doing something good in the world

ecocobox was born, along with our motto, Body, Mind, Life… read on to learn more.


Body - Genuinely helping mums

Pregnancy did more than just change my body, it increased my awareness of it too. It was the first time in my life I had really given thought to my diet, and I started to question self care and home products I was using too - it’s funny how it’s easier to make changes when you’re doing it for someone else!

When Ben was born, I was really overwhelmed by the sense of responsibility I felt for him. My pregnancy eating habits definitely changed (cake, biscuits, more cake…) but my consciousness about the products I was using on him, in our home, and on myself (who he was attached to most of the time) increased. I mean, no mum dreams of smothering their baby in chemicals right?

I wanted to move to products that were less synthetic and more natural and organic, but I was exhausted and drained from the shock of my new life, and it just felt like another thing on my massive ‘to do’ list.

I know I’m not alone and I suspect that if you’re reading this, you’re nodding along! ecocobox is a treat, but it is also a solution to a very real problem. We can help you enjoy the journey to natural and tick it off your to do list, giving you some precious time back.

Mind - Creating joy

I found the transition to motherhood hard. I’m not a particularly selfish person, but going from a life where I had a general sense of ‘do what I want, when I want’, to breastfeeding a sleep thief while my friends were at a music festival… it was mentally tough! I was lucky that I had a great attachment with my son, but I still found the demands and lack of time for myself really challenging to adjust to.

About 6 months in, I realised I needed to find some things for myself, and one thing I did was subscribe to a well known beauty box. Getting a gift delivered to my door on a regular basis gave me a ridiculous amount of pleasure, and more importantly it gave me a reason to take a bit of time for myself, which is what I so desperately needed.

The problem I had was the products I received didn’t really fit with my phase in life, and I ended up with a drawer full of make-up I wasn’t using (I didn’t really need any shimmer highlighter to walk around the park with the pram). Oh, and don’t get me started on the ingredients… I honestly couldn’t tell you what was in the majority of the stuff! And that didn’t fit with my plan to go natural.

I was on maternity pay and wanted to be getting things that were of value to me, so I cancelled the subscription after a few boxes. I looked for an alternative, something that recognised me as both a woman and a mum, but couldn’t find anything and thought (flippantly) maybe I should make one… and here we are!

Life - Doing something good in the world

Babies bring so much hope and promise, and the media brings so much fear and sorrow. What world will we leave to our kids? It’s a big question, but it’s an important one and it definitely got me thinking.

I have made some really simple changes which have not inconvenienced me at all, and have actually improved my life. I can tell you now, I never had any strong feelings towards my old toothbrush, razor or cotton wool pads - I literally gave them no thought - but I love using my bamboo toothbrush, safety razor and reusable cotton rounds… It makes me feel like I’m doing some good in the world!

ecocobox isn’t going to solve the world’s problems, but the idea that I can help others make small changes that will start making an impact is exciting, plus it provides an opportunity to educate your children on sustainability which has to be a good thing.

Dream Big!

Now we have an offering I’m so proud of, and it fulfils our motto perfectly.

  • Body: We tailor each box to your body, whether that be pregnancy, post partum or beyond, so the contents are right for you.
  • Mind: We hope our boxes act as a reminder of the importance of looking after yourself, and taking time for some self love.
  • Life: We help you to move into the eco-lifestyle by introducing you to amazing brands who are pioneering the power of nature to create non-toxic products for mum and baby, to care for us all in a conscious way.

If we can bring joy to mums, while helping them discover products that they love, which also promote better health, then we will be happy. Supporting amazing pioneering companies with a mission to create a better world... well that’s just an amazing side effect!