About Us

Everyone tells you that becoming a mother is a life-changing experience, but I'm not sure any expectant mama can grasp this until they're in the thick of it!  After struggling with the transition myself, I wanted to create a career supporting other mums, and start a business that matches my personal ethics and values about clean and sustainable living.

The idea of ecocobox came some time in 2017, and work properly started in December 2018 in the run up to our first box release for Mother's Day. Since then we are learning and growing, to fulfil our mission to shower mums with gifts, but with the added bonus of helping mums discover products and brands that are non-toxic, ethical and sustainable.

We know that when a baby comes, everything changes; Body, Mind, Life. It is completely all consuming. For some women it is like their coming of age, for others they feel completely overwhelmed. Whatever your experience, we know that happy mum = happy baby, and it is as important to care for yourself as it is your baby. So this is how we help your transition...

Body - did you know expectant/new mums and babies are considered 'vulnerable groups? That's why it's so important to use non-toxic products. We can help you find ethical brands that are producing luxury natural products to allow to care for yourself (and your baby, who is an extension of your own body in many ways!) with peace of mind.

Mind - if you're concerned about using clean products, we take the burden of research away and provide you with a gift every few weeks to remind you to take some time out for yourself. We are also looking to enhance this area imminently to make ecocobox a more holistic self care experience... watch this space!

Life - providing you with sustainable and eco lifestyle swaps so you can protect our world for your children, and start educating them on living a low impact lifestyle.

We work with ethical brands and choose products which are non-toxic and natural, cruelty free and plant based so that you can really enjoy everything you receive. Learn more about how we are eco here.

So if you are a mummy thinking about ecocobox, wondering if you are deserving of it, I want to tell you that you absolutely are. And we will give you presents to yourself that are tailored and useful (#banishmumguilt) but most importantly give you something you need… ME TIME. Click here to let ecocobox look after you x