About Us

Having my first son was a life changing experience like everyone said it would be. Flooded with love and the biggest responsibility of my life, I was determined to be the best mum I could be. For me that meant taking all the love I had (even that which I held for myself) and giving it to him. He was my only priority, and I would often miss showers, meals and toilet breaks to make sure I was there to tend to him. I felt like a great mum.

The problem was that I felt like a total failure in every other aspect of my life and that really got me down, and suddenly I was sad, and resentful, and not the mum I wanted to be.

It took hitting this low, to realise that looking after myself was the biggest gift I could give my baby, and if I couldn’t do it for myself then I had to do it for him. My first act of self love was to subscribe to a well known beauty box, and it helped me feel better; it was reclaiming a bit of myself. Sadly, as a new mama, I didn’t really need lots of makeup, and the chemicals and plastic bugged me. So I decided to create a subscription to help other mamas give themselves some guilt-free self love. 

Every aspect of ecocobox has been created with mum in mind. 

  • When it comes to mum-guilt, treating yourself is hard, but treating baby is easy, so our boxes have a mix of mum and bump/baby products and accessories to help you feel happier about getting something that actually benefits you too.  
  • The items we send are chosen to fit mum-life so you get to enjoy everything you receive - this isn’t to say you don’t get gorgeous pampering items, but we mix in things that will compliment your lifestyle
  • We tailor your box to bump, baby or child so the items you receive are always relevant and it feels extra special
  • Quality products aren’t cheap, but we’ve tailored our subscription to your maternity leave budget; with full sized products worth £45+ to give you great value and a real pamper, and bi-monthly deliveries to reduce the cost, carbon footprint and packaging waste
  • We even pop in gorgeous mum-art postcards to put a smile on your face, and help signpost you to support around issues we all regularly face - you are not alone mama!

Plus, I couldn’t bear the thought of being like all the other subscriptions, and putting a load of chemicals, cruelty and plastic* into the world, so we source guilt free gorgeousness for you to try! 

Let me tell you mummy, ecocobox isn’t a subscription marketed at you, it really was created for you. Subscribe to let us look after you.


Emma x

Founder, ecocobox

PS If mum-guilt is making it really tough for you to justify subscribing today, don’t beat yourself up. But maybe check this out when you have 10 minutes spare - it might help you release some of the overwhelm and feel a little better. Remember, happy mum, happy baby, so do look after yourself, and reach out if you need support.


*ecocobox aims to be low plastic, and we do favour eco-packaging however we do sometimes feature products that have plastic packaging