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Did you know the co in ecocobox stands for "conscious"?
For the conscious of you, here is more information on the brands we work with and topics you might find interesting. Enjoy!

relationship issues after becoming parents

Why Women Explode: The Truth About Hormones

I think we've all experienced someone asking us whether we're on our period when we get animated. Turns out there's a lot more to our hormones than the famous PMS....

relationship issues after becoming parents

Relationships After Kids

One of the hardest things about having a baby is the impact it has on our relationships. But, because we don’t talk about this enough, new parents often worry that relationship troubles mean that they are failing somehow. You’re not. In actual fact two thirds of couples feel less satisfied with their relationships within the first three years after becoming parents...

Induction without epidural

A Positive Induction Story

Over 31% of labours were induced in 2018-2019, and all we ever hear are scare stories! But guess what... lots of inductions end in natural labours and here is one of them!

KiteNest Team

Is Dry Shampoo Bad for You?

A look at the not so known qualities of dry shampoo and how you can beat the grease without the downsides.

Are Home Birth Safe

Should I choose a home birth?

3 women talk to us about why they chose a home birth, and how they found the experience. 

Friendly Soap Packing at the warehouse

Mineral vs Chemical Sunscreen

We all know the importance of protecting our skin from the summer sun, and there’s nothing like having a baby to get you questioning things, so there’s no wonder lots of us start looking more closely at the labels on our sun protection products. But researching can be a drag, so let us fill you in on the key things to consider around this important subject.

Friendly Soap Packing at the warehouse

Behind the Brands: Friendly Soap

It’s easy to stick to your laurels when running a small set-up, but what happens when things get serious? Becoming an employer of many without cutting corners on ethics can be challenging. Here’s how Friendly Soap are managing it.

Friendly Soap Packing at the warehouse

The Shampoo Switch

If you're thinking about reducing plastic then you've probably given some thought to solid shampoo. It's one of those things that makes a lot of sense on paper; choose well and it will have all natural ingredients and zero waste. So what's holding you back...? Read on to learn more about making the transition.

ecocobox products

Making the most of your ecocobox finds

We get great feedback on our boxes, but when you receive things blind, every now and again something is a miss. We've put together some ideas on what to do when something isn't the best fit for you.

ecocobox products

How to get started with cloth nappies

Nappies are one of the biggest polluters accounting for 2-3% of household waste, but for many the idea of cloth nappies is really daunting. Reusable nappy advocate Petra aka A Mum Reviews gives us tips on how to get started.

ecocobox products

Behind The Brands: Meadow Skincare

Producing a beautiful  waterless capsule collection from high grade, organic botanicals, we love Meadow Skincare. Learn more about the brand

ecocobox products

Behind The Brands: BAO Skincare

Beth created a beautiful natural skincare range for sensitive skin having been inspired with her own battle with Crohn's Disease. Learn more about her inspirational story here.