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'Now I'm a mum, I have so much spare time to research products that are good for me and my baby...' said no mum EVER!

That's why we created ecocobox. A mix of gorgeous full sized natural products to pamper you and baby, tailored to your stage of motherhood, with eco items to help you transition to a more sustainable lifestyle


Previous boxes

A gorgeous mix of luxury and practicality. Mummy received an indulgent clay mask and gorgeous natural artisan soap and natural sisal soap bag. Baby got an organic cotton clothing item and shampoo and body wash. Worth £55

Treats all round, with matching mum and baby bamboo toothbrushes, and a gorgeous bar of vegan chocolate. Plus a stunning handmade natural face cream, 100% essential oil bath soak and award winning baby moisturiser. Worth £50

What our customers think

A well deserved pamper

Gorgeous inside and out - affordable luxury!

Such a lovely box of goodies

Why we exist

"ecocobox evolved from my passions for natural products, helping other mums and pursuing a purposeful life. I am so excited to be sharing my journey to natural, non-toxic and eco products through ecocobox. It feels amazing to be working with pioneering brands who value people and planet over profit, and sharing our finds with other time pressed, well meaning mums who just want the best for themselves and their families. Let’s change the world for the better!”

Emma Witten, Founder, ecocobox

Our Story

Our promises

Quality in every box

There was a time when eco meant compromise, but wow, the game has changed and we can't believe the quality of the  products we are receiving to try, allowing us to choose the best for you!

Each month there are some truly pampering products for you, some practical products for your little, as well as an eco item to aid your transition to a more sustainable lifestyle.  Everything is toxin free and tailored to your motherhood stage - you're welcome!

Saving you time and money

We know that transitioning from the traditional mass market products (full of their toxins and carcinogens) to natural items can be time consuming and expensive. We work closely with ethical suppliers to get great deals so we can pass on the savings to you, and curate the content to make sure it’s high quality and gorgeous! Then we package it all up beautifully and send it to your door so you get a lovely treat. It’s like a big hug in a box (squeeze).

Plant powered and eco

We aspire to be plastic free, and we favour paper, glass and plant based packaging, but while the industry catches up, we think it’s better to take steps to zero waste rather than do nothing at all. Our boxes are made from recycled paper and we use wood wool or plant starch biodegradeable packing.

ecocobox never contains animal products. Many brands we work with are certified by the Vegan Society, and if not, we check brand values and the ingredients carefully, making our boxes good for all mums and children.

Tailored every step of the way

We want you to be spending your money wisely, so we tailor the boxes to your stage of motherhood (pregnancy to preschool) to make sure the products we send are right for you.

Not just that - we have tailored our pricing too, with a bi-monthly delivery priced at £15/month so you can afford to treat yourself, even while on maternity leave. Make sure you don't neglect yourself mummy. xxx 

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